1. Stand up frequently during your work day and even consider a standing desk (I use a cardboard box to prop up my laptop). Haven’t you heard that…

Source (Click here to find out more scary facts about what most of us do every.single.day)

2. Laugh at this http://parentsshouldnttext.com/ or this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UFc1pr2yUU or even this… http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/

3. Plan your dream vacation. Don’t have the money, time? It doesn’t matter. Planning isn’t half the fun, but it’s probably about 10 percent of the fun and that’s a lot! Bonus points for the fact that when you do finally go, you’ll be even more excited and know even more about what to do. I always have a running list of places I want to go if someone randomly surprises (hey mom!) with a free vacation

  • Lake Tahoe/Vegas
  • Greece/Lebanon
  • The Maldives
… Don’t let me continue.
4. Do the dishes right after dinner. Seriously. So much easier.
5. Follow me on Twitter! http://twitter.com/#!/AlexandraMBH Why? Because I’m running an ultramarathon this weekend and I’m hoping to get Jon to tweet updates from my account. If you’re not a follower, he’ll be using the hashtag #Alexisalive?
6. Read blogs and trade publications for your industry. Not only will it make more knowledgeable and better at your job, it will just make you more interested in what you do by reading about the best. Some of my favorite industry blogs are:
7. Do something this weekend that terrifies you. After all, I’ll be running 31 miles through the Tennesee mountains and I am scared shitless! My brother said it perfectly – “The only limits we have in this world are the commitments we create for ourselves.”
8. I’m going to have repeat Shankman’s #8, selfishly: Bring in a dozen cupcakes to the office tomorrow, just because. But not tomorrow, I’m out! Next week?
9. Start celebrating completely random holidays. When you’re in PR, you end up finding out about tons of client related holidays for pitching. Today is National Coffee Day (easily celebrated), but tomorrow is International Translation Day! What language did you learn in high school/college? Time to brush up!
10. Make a standing date with someone you care about. Me and Rachel have dinner together every Monday and it’s a fantastic thing to look forward to.
Wish me luck this weekend! Updates to come…