Between Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, email and my insatiable need to peruse the J Crew sale section, I manage to find a lot of stuff on the internet. A lot, a lot of crap… But every once in a while, a few gems.

1. 5 Ways We Ruined the Occupy Wall Street Generation
This article is smart and funny as hell. Hilarious picture captions, but also an honest breakdown of how things like the associating doing manual labor with being a failure, pushing us to go to college with no regard to what would be do after, video games and even music piracy (yep, they went there), kind of fucked our generation.

On a related note, did you know someone dumped a bunch of Burger King applications on the OWS gang? Well played, sir, well played.

2. 10 Real Talk Blog Tips

I have a girl crush on this blogger, and I really enjoyed this article. Okay, so technically the whole article is about blogging but literally every word applies to any dream or passion you might have. Key takeaways? Work hard, but make it look easy. Make friends in your community. Pretty things are important. Imitate those you admire. Be kind to yourself. Only wear it if you think it’s major.

3. Simple, at home work out for any day of the week:


4. And lastly… Hey Mom! All I want for Christmas is these:

Billie short buckle boots

Oh look, a link!

How did that get there?!

I’m thankful for everything I learn from reading