The awesome thing about having a blog or journal is that I can be absolutely seething, write a blog post, wisely decide to delete the blog post and still feels 10 times better. Isn’t it ridiculous that sometimes the only validation we need is to see our feelings written down and suddenly it feels like they have been both taken into consideration and rectified? Just like running, writing is a therapeutic experience for me and something I think makes me a better person.

I’ll write and delete posts from time to time, but I also try to illicit a sense on this blog of who I really am. If Carrie Bradshaw “will never be the girl with the perfect hair who can wear white and not spill on it” then I will never be the energizer bunny who can smile effervescently and persevere through 50+ hour work weeks, late nights out on the weekends and a rigorous work-out schedule.

When I have given too much, the first thing to go is usually my good attitude (at least to people who really know me), followed by any and all energy, followed by my health. Cue the last few weeks of my life. Cue letting every little work mishap stress me to ridiculous lengths. Cue the urge to punch a baby seal every time traffic begins to slow on the interstate. Cue the switch from kale salads to iHop.

Life is a delicate dance between doing what we must, liking what we do and finding the time to step back, evaluate and rest. I’m still figuring all of this.

Instead of sharing my humble opinion though, I wanted to share these two blog posts that I think do a great job of summarizing the important things in life, and how to live the best one possible:

Eat Live Run’s 27 Things

Joy The Baker’s These Things I’ve Learned in 31 Years

And while you’re at it, remember:

  • Comparison, grudges and worry are thieves of joy.
  • Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. (Michael Pollan)
  • Good things come to those who never give up.
  • You will spend most of your life working or sleeping, so work hard enough to buy a comfortable bed and ALWAYS dream big.