Firstly, go make this recipe: When Jon and I had one of my favorite meals ever at Table Asheville during our anniversary weekend, we had this as a pre-appetizer appetizer. Most of the food at Table requires two to three culinary degrees and a $100,000 kitchen makeover to create, but these were a surprisingly easy and delicious redo…

The recipe link explains the nitty-gritty, but basically you filled pitted dates with an almond or two, wrap bacon around the date and bake for 25 minutes. Just a few modifications for me:

  • Sometimes I put two almonds inside the date, depending on its size.
  • I only used 1/3 piece of bacon her date.
  • I just used a baking sheet because I did not have a rack. They came out fine, and more bacon grease = #winning

The rest of the weekend was equally good. Yoga, more apartment unpacking, too much time at Target/BJ’s/Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s, drinks at a trendy new restaurant, a morning walk to a nearby coffee shop and a matinee of The Dark Knight in IMAX!

I had high expectations for this movie based on the last, and it nearly lived up to them. I didn’t like it as much as the last, but it was still a VERY good movie. A few plot holes IMO, but otherwise very exciting, beautiful and enjoyable.