In lieu of blogging for the past few days, I was getting ready for a work trip which entailed leaving Sunday afternoon, finishing up my apartment move-in, cooking and hiking!

Great new salmon recipe I tried out! Basically just crushed pecans, bread crumbs and spices such as dry mustard, s&p and cayenne pepper. Dipped in cream, dipped in the mixture and then baked for 25 minutes at 375. The salmon was an adaptation of this recipe. Obviously I subbed salmon, and cream for buttermilk! It was tender, spicy and delicious.

Vino, roasted tomatoes, eggplant and corn were enjoyed on the side.

After dinner, Jon and I walked to get coffee and then to my old house to take my brother’s dog for a walk. Even though I commute to work, I so appreciate living in such a walkable neighborhood! Sunday included a 5 mile hike at Umstead park, Bruegger’s bagels for breakfast, packing and a quick drive to D.C.

Of course, the weekend also included my usual runs, yoga and organizing/cleaning. My apartment finally feels like home and I’m excited to post pictures!